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Bilingual Summer camps in Tarifa, Spain
Customised Camps
Adventure Camp
14-17 years old
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14-17 years old
Customised Camps
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You can also speak to the camp director on +34 956 689 084 in English, Spanish, French or German.
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Welcome to Lenguaventura, a world full of full!

We design the Camp you are looking for /all year round

The target of Lenguaventura has always been to enhance quality and this we have successfully achieved. Working in a highly selective and demanding market in which confidence is essential we have proudly carved out our own place in the linguistic market for young children and teenagers.

Our aim to make efficient language learning fun and enjoyable led us to work out a Spanish and English language program which combines languages and activities. Hence Lenguaventura was born.

The location of Tarifa is a major factor in the success of the Lenguaventura program. This charming Andalusian village is situated in the most southern part of Spain and is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Spain with the nicest beaches.

Young people joining our program will experience their personal and social development within a very short time. Several parents told us that their children have a new-found independence after their stay in one of our camps. Living in a community away from home with other children/teenagers will broaden their horizons considerably and gives them the possibility to discover together a greater insight into the culture and way of life in Spain.

If you are an agency or college/high school which organises trips to Spain and who would like to experience authentic Spain please ask us and we will be happy to supply suggestions for large and small groups (minimum 10 people) for any time of the year.

We are highly qualified in organising

- Language teaching (Spanish for foreign students and English for Spanish students)
- Cultural activities
- Sport activities the southern Spain. However, thanks to our networking, we can also offer you programs in other parts of Spain.

Please email us for any inquiry you may have.

Lenguaventura Introduction
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