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Bilingual Summer camps in Tarifa, Spain
Adventure Camp
14-17 years old
Adventure Camp
14-17 years old
Kitesurf Camp | Kitesurfing
14-17 years old
Customised Camps

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If you want something to hold on to, you may request a brochure or download it here.

You can also speak to the camp director on +34 956 689 084 in English, Spanish, French or German.
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Av. Fuerzas Armadas, 1
E-11380 Tarifa
Tel: + 34 956 689 084
Fax: +34 956 680 927
School Residence in Tarifa centre for teens between 14 and 17 years

spanish summer camp

Welcome to Lenguaventura, a world full of fun!

As the saying here goes - My house is your house - and that reflects what Spain is all about. Participants in Lenguaventura will experience that hospitality at all our Spanish summer camps in Tarifa.

Our summer camps in Spain are located at a private plot, about 10 minutes outside Tarifa. The students sleep in cabins in shared bedrooms for a maximum of 3 people per room. Girls and boys are accommodated in different zones.

At the students disposal are a swimming pool, ping-pong tables, music system, television facilities and a large courtyard for outdoor games, such as football and basketball. The multifunctional sport fields will certainly be the focus of many sporty challenges during the Spanish Summer School. The lounge area is the meeting point of the Campus. All activities start there and it's the place where you will always find someone to talk to. For advice or personal support there is always someone at the reception, which is located next to the lounge.

For a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable stay we encourage students to bring their own musical instrument.

At a glance the Spanish/English language students can benefit from the following facilities in our Camp accommodation:
Cabins with shared bedrooms (max 3 people in one bedroom)
Swimming pool
Reception for personal attention of students
Outdoor sport installations
Wifi lounge area
Ping pong tables
Dining room with terrace to sit outside and views to the Straight of Gibraltar

During the month of July the Lenguaventura summer camp residence will be our home. The more we respect and take care of each other in this community the happier we will be together and the longer the new formed friendships will last.

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