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La informaci�n m�s actualizada sobre nuestros campamentos de verano internacionales est� siempre disponible en nuestra p�gina Lenguaventura.

Sin embargo, si prefiere Vd. recibir un folleto por correo pid�senoslo por favor o desc�rgueselo ahora.

Si quiere hablar con la directora del campamento por favor llame al+34 956 689 084 (se habla espa�ol, ingl�s, franc�s, alem�n).
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Parents from former participants talk

Dear visitor of the Lenguaventura Website,

As you visit our site summer camps in Tarifa, Spain I guess that you are searching for a Camp for your daughter/son or you are a teen between 14 and 17 who want to have a happy summer holiday.

As you might have never heard before from the Lenguaventura organisation maybe you are unsure whether our program fits.

To a certain point we can be helpful providing you with information, talking to you by phone or giving you explanation by e-mail.

As we have some feedback from parents from former participants, I have selected some e-mails and publish them here on this page. As this is confidential information, I do not put names just the Initial letters and the country the former summer campers came from.

Best wishes,
Irene Weiss (Camp Director)

W.A. United States
Our daughter had the time of her life.Thanks for everything.

H.S.D, Abu Dhabi
Hi Irene. I was thrilled to receive your email. Please always keep in mind that I am always ready to help out. If any family would like to contact us and ask about your camp, then by all means have them do so and we are very happy to inform them that it'll be the best thing they can offer their kids. My son enjoyed every single minute with you and your friendly staff and he is ready to share his experience with whoever is willing to visit you.

T.R. Espa�a
Gracias por tu informacion. Nuestra hija tiene un super recuerdo de su estancia en Lenguaventura.

S.O., Africa
I would like to sincerely thank you for having taken such good care of our daughter and her friend! The girls came back from summer camp full of great energy and stories of all the fun and new experiences they had in Spain. We are most grateful for all your efforts and thank you for the dedication and commitment of you and your team of teachers; we would like to wish you all the very best for the future -- and that your school continues to go from strength to strength!

S.M.O., France
Notre fils est rentr� ravi avec son ami. Ils se sont bien amus�s. Il a trouv� des copains tres agr�ables et les cours int�ressants .Je vous remercie pour votre acceuil et je pense que notre fils retournera � Tarifa l' ann�e prochaine .

Merci � toute votre �quipe et les deux vous ont trouv� tr�s sympathique.

D.F., China
Thank you so much for providing our son with an incredible experience this
summer. He seems to have learned a lot, improved his Spanish, and has a new
found independence! We were very happy with Lenguaventura and would have no
problem providing any references you may need.

A.L., Germany
Unserer Tochter hat das Camp sehr, sehr gut gefallen ! Gratulation und dank.

M.V., Italy
Our son is very happy of the experience of your summer camp. He enjoyed both the sport and the possibility of really using spanish and not just studying it.Furthermore if you would like I could give the email address to the school/spanish teacher for other students to come there .In fact there is already a friend of our son that might be coming next year.

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