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Have you ever dreamed of flying? With LENGUAVENTURA this dream can come true. The four week program in Spain for teenagers between 14 and 17 years will make you fly high both mentally and physically .

Over the years Tarifa became Europe´s wind capital and, because of its long beach of fine, golden sand, provides a fascinating form of sport without danger. The youngest world champion, Gisela Pulido, is 12 years old and lives nowhere else than in Tarifa, one of the best places for kitesurfers.

But the question is, what actually is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing combines basically two kinds of sport: the driving of a stunt kite and the sliding over the water on a board. The size of the kite varies between 3 and 25 square metres and it hangs on 30 metre long cords. Steered by a handlebar the kite pulls the driver over the water. At first glance that may seem dangerous but kite designers, backed up by statistics, say that kiting is the safest form of flying. Modern security systems mean that the kites can be stopped easily and quickly.

LENGUAVENTURA in cooperation with a kitesurf school offer teenagers lessons in the afternoon (except Wednesdays and at the weekend) depending on the weather and wind conditions. Pupils are equipped with a complete kitesurf kit and are supervised by a qualified kitesurf teacher.

The kitesurfing instruction is divided into three parts:

Part 1: On the beach, safety rules, theory, equipment and kite flying
Target: To be able to safely set up a kite, launch and land with assistance, controlling and steering the kite

Part 2: Into the water, self re-launch of kite and bodydrag (being pulled through the water using the power produced by the wind in the kite)
Target: Re-launch and steering the kite in the water, flying the kite in all areas of the wind window, maintaining speed

Part 3: Board and kite combined, the theory of waterstarts and practise on the water

At the end of the course every participant will receive a certificate confirming the level reached.

Our special tip for you: please consider the kitesurfing option only if you are doing sport regularly throughout the whole year as this sport requires strong physical endurance. The regular leisure program is eminently suitable for the rest of the teenagers.

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