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Este sitio web ya no se actualizará a partir de 2019. Visita para obtener siempre la información más reciente sobre nuestros campamentos de verano en Tarifa.

Campamentos de ingl�s en Tarifa
Campamentos de verano Espa�a
Campamento de aventuras
14 - 17 a�os
Campamento Kitesurf
14 - 17 a�os
Campamentos a medida

La informaci�n m�s actualizada sobre nuestros campamentos de verano internacionales est� siempre disponible en nuestra p�gina Lenguaventura.

Sin embargo, si prefiere Vd. recibir un folleto por correo pid�senoslo por favor o desc�rgueselo ahora.

Si quiere hablar con la directora del campamento por favor llame al+34 956 689 084 (se habla espa�ol, ingl�s, franc�s, alem�n).
Bolet�n de informaci�n
Bolet�n de inscripci�n
Av. Fuerzas Armadas, 1
E-11380 Tarifa
Tel: + 34 956 689 084
Fax: +34 956 680 927
skype: lenguaventuratarifa

Lenguaventura organizes every year a summer camp in Spain, Spanish language courses and outdoor sports / adventure as horse riding, climbing, surfing, biking, whale and dolphin watching for teenagers between 14 - 17 years old.

To give you an authentic impression of the summer camp we are happy to show you the web-diaries of the last few years on these pages. Here you can have a look at the pictures and read the comments of the teenagers who participated in Lenguaventura and want to share their experience with you.

In the diary the students will present to all families what activities they did during the day. They will also show you the pictures we took. Come to Spain study spanish.

Fotos and videos from the summer camp 2013 you will find on our website Lenguaventura.

Camp 2012
Summer camp Spain
Students: 85  Nationalities: 20
Camp 2011
Students: 85  Nationalities: 20
Camp 2010
Students: 85  Nationalities: 20
Camp 2009
Students: 80  Nationalities: 20
Camp 2008
Students: 73  Nationalities: 18
Camp 2007
Students: 70  Nationalities: 17
Camp 2006
Students: 63  Nationalities: 18
Camp 2005
Students: 30  Nationalities: 10

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