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Lenguaventura Zomerkampen Spanje
Tweetalige zomerkampen in Tarifa, Spanje
14-17 years old
14-17 years old
14-17 years old
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Op het site Lenguaventura. vindt u de meest recente informatie over onze programma's.

Op deze site vindt u de meest recente informatie over onze programma' s. Als u informatie wilt om thuis rustig op de bank nog eens door te lezen, kunt u onze brochure aanvragen of deze hier downloaden.

U kunt ook bellen met de kampleider, via +34 956 689 084 in het Engels, Spaans, Frans of Duits.
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Spanish summer

Bilingual Summer Camps in Tarifa

Our Spanish and English summer camps are an exceptional program that provides a fun-filled experience. Because of the small town community and the friendliness of the natives, Tarifa (most southern town in Spain) is the perfect resort for the adventurous and active teenager. For the teen it will be an inimitable practical experience of learning Spanish or English in a cheerful ambiance.

The development of the Lenguaventura activity/leisure programme highlights three aspects which make Tarifa the perfect location for our programme. The cultural heritage of Andalusia is worthwhile discovering and we will be visiting interesting cities and villages within reach of Tarifa. The geographical situation of Tarifa is another aspect worth mentioning. With our excursions to Morocco (North Africa) and Gibraltar (a British protectorate) we give the teenagers the chance to experience three different cultures during their stay at the Lenguaventura Summer Camp. Outdoor activities have made Tarifa famous all over the world and this is the third premise on which the summer camp in Tarifa is based. We have selected sports which are not dangerous but good fun. All our summer sports are guided by experienced tour guides and counsellors.

The Lenguaventura staff set a high value on security and personal care.

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