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Bilingual Summer camps in Tarifa, Spain
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We offer the most up to date information about our programs on our site Lenguaventura.

If you want something to hold on to, you may request a brochure or download it here.

You can also speak to the camp director on +34 956 689 084 in English, Spanish, French or German.
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We have put together the most frequently asked questions from parents who'd like to send their children to the LENGUAVENTURA bilingual summer camp in Spain, Tarifa. We are constantly updating this page to take account of your queries.

frequently asked questions tarifa

Where do you meet the kids?
At the airport M�laga when they arrive and we bring them safely to the bilingual summer camp in Tarifa. Pick ups from other airports (Jerez de la Frontera or Sevilla) possible for an extra charge.

What about supervision?
The Campers are supervised around the clock and the pupils are not allowed to go out without counselors during nighttime. For the night Lenguaventura has a watchman on duty.

Which education do your teachers have?
All teachers from the Lenguaventura program have university degrees in Spanish or English linguistics but we also value very much human characteristics such as patience, sociability and humour.

What is the level of the classes?
The Spanish courses are divided into four different language levels from A1 to C1 : absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced I and II and the English courses into three: Pre-Intermediate Intermediate and Advanced (A1 - C1).

All pupils with previous knowledge of Spanish or English are kindly asked to return us the level test some weeks before the beginning of the program. Should the level chosen not be appropriate the student can change to another one.

How many pupils are there in one course level?
The average number of pupils in one group is 7. The maximum is 12.

What countries are these participants from?
They come from all over the world (there are always at least 20 nationalities represented).

How many pupils sleep in one room?
The school residence has got closed - and open quarters for a maximum of 3 pax. each. The distribution of these quarters is made on a "first come, first serve" basis. Girls and boys are accommodated on separate floors.

What does our son / daughter need to bring?
Please click here for the entire list.

Is any insurance included in the program?
Accident and liability insurance is included but it is mandatory for all participants to have their own travel insurance which includes repatriation (not necessary for Spanish citizens). Please read more about coverage and travel insurance on our .

How can I sign up my son / daughter for the LENGUAVENTURA summer camp in Spain?
Please read the instruction in our website: how to apply.

Is the airplane ticket included in the price?
The price does not include the airplane ticket. Please book a flight for your son / daughter to M�laga. For an extra charge we also pick up in Jerez de la Frontera or Sevilla or bring pupils back.

How do we pay for the summer camp?
You can pay either by credit card or by making a bank transfer to the following account:
Cajamar, C/Batalla del Salado No. 2C, 11380 Tarifa
Account holder: S. C Deportivos del Sur S.L.
Bank code / account no: 3058 0765 69 2720014653
IBAN: ES93 3058 0765 6927 2001 4653

Bank fees are to be paid by the sender

What if we have additional questions?
You can call us Monday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Our phone number is +34 - 956 689084.
Or you can send us an e-mail.

Does it rain during summer?
It is very uncommon to have rain in the summer, but if it does rain it is only for a few hours.

What about laundry?
Dirty clothes is gathered and washed twice weekly. The clean clothes will be returned the same day in the evening or early the next morning. We ask all parents to mark the clothes as well as the towels with the pupil's initials so that they can be recognized easily when coming back from the laundry.

What type of electrical plugs and what voltage do you have?
In Europe we have two prong round plugs and 220 voltage. Should you have 110 voltage you would need a converter from 110V to 220 voltage.

How do you decide on the sleeping arrangements?
Our criteria is the following: First of all we separate girls from boys, secondly we consider their ages, and thirdly their mother tongues. Our main objective at the Lenguaventura summer camps is a constant contact with the target language. With the integration of pupils from Spain one step more is taken towards our goal. Another important point we take into consideration is the origin of every student. Lenguaventura also stands for cultural exchange so we also try to put students from different nationalities together. This should give them the chance to learn more about each others culture.

We do not separate friends of the same gender unless parents specifically request it.

How do you decide on which trips you take the students, what places to see?
We distinguish between the following aspects: 1. Visits of cultural and historical interest in our area, for example to C�diz. It is a historical city with national and cultural value. Visiting Tangier is an eye-opener on a totally different culture and we consider it an enriching experience. Also Gibraltar which is the last bastion of British colonial rule in Spain. 2. Environmental visits around Tarifa, the Strait of Gibraltar for example is an important crossing for several species such as whales and dolphins and migratory birds. That is why we consider boat excursions interesting for whale watching. 3. Spare time, we included some activities that we considered interesting for the teenagers and were for pure enjoyment such as a visit to a shopping mall or paint ball.

Every year we make an evaluation of what pupils like and what they do not like so that we modify some activities from one year to the next, only retaining those we consider to be of most interest.

Why did you decide to have the summer camps in Tarifa, and not in another town in Spain?
We consider Tarifa the perfect place for this program as there are so many possibilities for outdoor - and cultural activities in or nearby the town. Furthermore Tarifa is a cosmopolitan town and is famous all over the world for watersports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing and also, due to its geographical position. The other reason is that Lenguaventura was born in Tarifa. Irene Weiss is the founder of Lenguaventura as well as from Escuela Hispalense (Spanish for foreigners), in Tarifa since 1989. In autumn 2007 she definitely decided to dedicate all her time to Lenguaventura. The Escuela Hispalense will continue to be responsible for the Spanish academical program.

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