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Bilingual Summer camps in Tarifa, Spain
Kitesurf Camp | Kitesurfing
14-17 years old
Adventure Camp
14-17 years old
Kitesurf Camp | Kitesurfing
14-17 years old
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Welcome to Lenguaventura, a world full of fun with Kitesurfing
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kitesurfing camp

Kitesurf camps in Tarifa

Have you ever dreamt of flying? With Lenguaventura this dream can come true. The 2, 3 or 4 weeks Kitesurf camp in Spain for teenagers between 14 and 17 years will make you fly high both mentally and physically.

Our kitesurfing course for teenagers is full of fun!

Over the years Tarifa has become Europe's wind capital thanks to its long beaches of fine, golden sand where the fascinating Kitesurf sport can be practised without danger, but of course always supervised by an expert.

Enjoy our sports camp in Tarifa.

Kitesurf combines two kinds of sport: the driving of a stunt kite and the sliding over the water on a board. The size of the kite varies between 3 and 25 square metres and it hangs on 30 metre long cords. Steered by a handlebar the kite pulls the driver over the water. At first glance that may seem dangerous but kite designers, backed up by statistics, say that kiting is the safest form of flying. Modern security systems mean that the kites can be stopped easily and quickly.

Lenguaventura in cooperation with a renowned local kitesurf school offers the teenagers in our sports camp kitesurfing lessons in the afternoons (except Wednesdays and at the weekends) depending of course on the weather and wind conditions. Students are equipped with a complete kitesurf kit and are supervised by qualified kitesurf teachers.

Before the kitesurfing boom started, Tarifa was the home of windsurfers. During years Windsurfing was an absolute must in Tarifa. With the upcoming kitesurfing the heyday of windsurfing was fading quickly. In the last few years we have, however, noted that windsurfing is making its way back and young people are beginning to show an increased interest in learning this sport. In Lenguaventura we would like to encourage young people to practice windsurfing so that in case that somebody prefers to learn or practise windsurf rather than kitesurf we also arrange the option of the windsurf camp. Please e-mail us should windsurfing be your preference.

Have a lot of fun in our Kitesurf camp in Tarifa: Lenguaventura is a recommended kitesurf sports camp in Spain.

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Kitesurf camp for teens Tarifa, July, Picture 1
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Kitesurf camp for teens Tarifa, July, Picture 2
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