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Friday, 2nd July, 2010

Anna who joined our summer camp in spain for taking the pictures went with the kitesurf group to the beach. It was quite windy but for the body dragging it was the perfect day.

The first lesson of kitesurf starts on the beach with safety rules, theory, equipment and kite flying.

The 2nd part is in the water, the so called body drag (being pulled through the water using the power produced by the wind in the kite). The target of this exercise is to learn how to steer the kite in the water until be able to bodydrag one-handed.

Today all of our participants from the Kitesurfcamp went to the water today for the bodydragging. Soon they will be able to take the third step and go to the water with the kite and the board. We will keep you informed about this step at the summer camp in Spain Tarifa when this fascinating sport really starts to be exciting. Enjoy our summer teen camps.

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